Zaug Stoves Company Profile

Zaug creators
The creators of the Zaug stove August and Zack showing the stove at the Tacoma Sustainability Expo.

The Company

Founded in September 2012, Zaug Stoves, headquartered in Yelm, Washington, is the first of its kind as a manufacturer of super efficient wood stoves known on the internet as rocket mass heaters.

The creators, August Brooks and Zack Medeiros have put their minds on rocket mass heater technology to add their knowledge and expertise to the field. They have designs for accessories and systems that will be researched and released in the future.

The Boys

August and Zack 2012
A few of the first ever Zaug stoves built.

August and Zack met in 2007 when they both moved to a little town in Washington State called Yelm. The two became friends and were interested in making a difference in the area of sustainable living. They  formed a company on a handshake and a dream, and the idea of the Zaug was conceived. The two worked on refining the form and function of the stove for almost 2 years before the first actual Zaug was finally born. They have laid out a plan to provide Zaug Stoves to people across the world who don’t have a large amount of fuel to burn but need to heat their homes.

The Stove

The Zaug Stove helps reduce carbon emissions, helps reduce the carbon footprint on the planet, and creates jobs in, and strengthens our local community. With international sales worldwide, Zaug Stoves Co. is poised to bringing this stove technology to people across the globe who enjoy sovereignty and sustainable products.

Their Vision

The company they have built, is formed as a forward thinking company dedicated to providing quality products to the world, that do not harm the environment yet, help people become less dependent on fossil fuels, less dependent on the electrical grid, and more sustainably sovereign.

Their Motto

Keep it local, strengthen communities, grow food, and help whenever possible.

Where It Happens

The Zaug Stoves welding shop
The Zaug Shop

The Zaug Shop in all it’s glory!

From a little storage shed turned in to a welding shop, in the middle of nowhere, Yelm, Washington, comes the future of wood heat; The Zaug.


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  1. Do you have any plans to sell stock and have investors?

  2. Do you make stoves that can fit in a tiny House 10×12?

  3. Will this be a good heater for the back yard ? Do they smoke alot ? Thanks

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