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Conventional Wood Stove Compared to a Zaug Stove

Conventional Exhaust
Smoke leaving the chimney of a conventional wood stove
Zaug Exhaust
Exhaust leaving a vent from a Zaug Stove in full operation

Comparing the exhaust of a conventional wood stove in full operation (left) to a Zaug Stove in full operation (right), the evidence is clear. The Zaug Stove burns much cleaner. The design of a Zaug allows for oxygen to mix with fire for a complete burn of gasses resulting in very little wasted fuel exhaust.

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A New Way To Use Heat

Shown here in Satin Black
Shown here in Satin Black

The Zaug Stove is a new type of wood burning stove that uses heat more efficiently than conventional wood burning stoves. It can also be used as a rocket mass heater to retain heat within a thermal mass.

The Zaug uses less fuel than a conventional wood stove, to provide the same amount of heat to keep you warm. The advantage is in the horizontal running duct which provides heat to other areas you wish to be heated, beyond where the stove is sitting.

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Colors, Colors, Colors

Add some color to your Zaug! We offer 24 exciting colors to dress up your Zaug any way you like.

Our paint is the industry standard in high temperature stove paint. We use only Dampney Thermalox stove paint to ensure long lasting finishes.


Our stoves come painted in two-tone scheme with your choice of 6 standard colors.