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Zaug Stoves Seeks Certification- Fundraising Campaign Begins

Altaire by Zaug Stoves

When Zaug Stoves first began back in 2009, I was living in a cold trailer, in the woods of Washington. I didn’t have a wood stove or even a working propane stove. I had an electric heater that would flip the breaker when the weather got really cold. It was ironic that when I looked out the front door, there was all the fuel I could ever want, in the form of sticks and branches. I just needed to figure out a way to burn them inside my trailer.


I had a simple dream of heating my little trailer by burning sticks and branches, and the Zaug Stove was born. Eight years later, the Zaug Stove is the on the brink of certification, with only one minor hurdle; Financing. I am here to describe our plan forward and ask for your help in getting us there.


Getting the Zaug Stove to the manufacturing process will include getting the stove tested, certified, and patented. This process is going to cost approximately $200,000. To raise this incredible amount of money, we decided to create digital tokens and sell the tokens to raise capital. The tokens will be redeemable at Zaug Stoves to purchase products. When a person buys a Zaug Token, the money is not only helping us to achieve our goal, it is also holding value for future purchases. We feel like this is a fair and valid plan to raise the $200k needed.


There are two rounds of funding planned for raising our ultimate goal of $200k. They are called Phase 1 and Phase 2:

Phase 1 -Donation Round. Goal $10,000

In our first round of funding we are asking for donations of any amount. Our goal here, is to  reach $10,000. This will allow us to get a digital token programmed and implemented to be sold in Phase 2. If we are successful in Phase 1 of our funding rounds, then in Phase 2 you will be able to purchase Zaug Tokens redeemable for Zaug Products.

Phase 2 – Digital Token Sale. Goal $200,000

As soon as the tokens have been created, they will be offered to friends, family, and Zaug Subscribers first, at a discount, in a pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale.

The public token sale will begin shortly after that. Once the tokens are released for public purchase, we will then start a Kickstarter campaign to advertise and offer the digital tokens as an incentive to invest in Zaug Stoves. Zaug Tokens, as they will be called, will be redeemable with Zaug Stoves and partners, 24 months after the public release date.


There are over 3500 people on our subscriber list. If everyone just donated an amount equal to a Starbuck’s Latte, we will meet our goal and raise the capital needed to make it to the second round of funding. So, buy us a coffee today and help change the world!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

If you would like to donate now, click here:


For more information about our 2-part funding phases:

Phase 1


To Donate in Bitcoin, send to this address:


To Donate in Ethereum, send to this address below:


To Donate in Litecoin, send to this address below:


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New things at Zaug Stoves

August and Zack
August and Zack
Creators of the Zaug Stove 2015

Dear Zaug Stove Enthusiast,

It is our pleasure to invite you to be a part of new things happening at Zaug Stoves.

Since we have not been manufacturing any stoves, we have been working hard on revising our stove to make it even more efficient and user friendly. We have been working side by side with manufacturers, architects and engineers to bring you a Zaug Stove this season!

To do this we are creating a Kickstarter campaign for the Zaug Stove and we will need your help. The time is now to get fired up about your sustainability. With enough support from loyal subscribers like you, we can finally begin selling stoves to you and other individuals that want new sustainable technology.

We will keep you informed about our Kickstarter and incentive packages as they are developed.

All of us here at Zaug Stoves want to thank each and every one of you for your support and patience during this period of growth. Please feel free to write us or send your feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

The Zaug Stoves Team
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt
Near future announcements:

1. Kickstarter campaign and video
2. New Zaug model
3. EPA and safety certification

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Please Take Our Survey

Zaug Boys at Work

How Are We Doing?

We would like your feedback about our humble stove- The Zaug. Help us improve the product we manufacture, and the service we provide.

To send us your feedback, take our online survey now, by clicking on the button below:

Red Survey Button

The survey is entirely anonymous and confidential, and should take less than three minutes to complete. Your responses will only be used for statistical purposes.

Your feedback will help us make sure we are making the best product we can, and will help us to continue to give our customers excellent service in the future.

We are thankful for your feedback and honesty.

(You do not need to give us any personal information, this is for our records only)


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Do you have a Zaug?

Brutal weather system threatens most of US with snow, ice, wind

Shown here in Satin Black
Altaire by Zaug Stoves. Shown here in Satin Black

Forecasters are calling for extreme temperatures across the US this week. As a result of wind and ice, many people will be without power. If you are heating your home from electrical power, maybe now is a good time to consider alternative options.

The Zaug Stove is an ideal solution to off-grid heating. It operates on less wood than a conventional wood stove and when used in combination with a thermal mass, can yield hours of warmth from burning very little wood.

The top plate has a flat surface that can be used for cooking and heating food. It reaches sustained temperatures of 450-800°F (232-426°C), allowing you to cook effortlessly without electricity.

Right now, we are offering both our models of Zaugs for one low price. The Standard Zaug, for cozy situations, and the new flagship Altaire, for loading up the wood and walking away. Follow this link to purchase quickly and easily through Paypal.

Shop Zaug Stoves



Don’t get caught in the cold weather without a Zaug.



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It’s Here! The New Altaire by Zaug Stoves

The New Altaire by Zaug Stoves

Introducing Altaire by Zaug Stoves



New Zaug Altaire

Introducing a mass heating wood stove so advanced it sets the new standard for performance. At the heart of the new architecture is a freshly designed feed tube which delivers both unprecedented operation and a thrilling new look.

With a large viewing glass door, and nearly 20 square inches of new space added for loading wood convenience, the new Altaire achieves a greater than one-hour burn time. Altaire also offers a new cutting edge Return Air Port System (RAPS)TM expected from the world’s best mass heating stove.


Air Port Grill Plate

The Altaire has a state-of-the-art, steel-intensive design. High-strength steel is used in key areas to enhance safety and contribute to overall performance. Sidewalls, fittings, and chambers are expertly joined for rigidity and strength. The benefit of longer life makes 3/8” steel a natural choice.


  • RAPS air port system keeps the feed tube cooler avoiding burn injuries
  • One piece door with glass pane for fire viewing
  • Larger Feed Tube allows more wood to be placed in the stove for a longer burn time
  • New 7 1/4″ burn chamber to allow more oxygen to flow through the burn chamber
  • Steel grate coverings on sidewalls for an exciting new look


For a limited time, the new Altaire can be purchased for $2100 on our website. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a world class mass heating stove for this incredible introductory price.


Altaire Close upThe official first owner of the new Altaire had this to say:

“I recently purchased a [Standard] Zaug Stove to heat a 26 foot thermal mass that the owners of Zaug Stoves also built for me.
I was having some concerns regarding the burn time, called the owners, and was impressed with their willingness to produce a product that worked best for me.
In just a week and a half they delivered a different model of stove that is absolutely wonderful! Longer burn time without filling, the mass has heated up completely, stayed at 71.8 degrees during the night with a 2 hour fire!! …”

Read the full review of the first customer to own a new Altaire here.


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Zaug Stoves Celebrates Its One Year Birthday

We’re One Year Old!

Zaug Stoves is proud to announce our one year birthday and celebration sale.  



Founded in September 2012, Zaug Stoves Co. has quickly become the leader in manufacturing and distributing mass heating stoves. Come see a demonstration of a Zaug Stove burning side by side with a conventional wood stove. See for yourself what makes the Zaug so different. See our event schedule here.

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Zaug Stoves Video- How they work

We added a new video to the homepage.

This video is an educational animation showing the inner workings of a Zaug Stove. These stoves are unique because they use sticks and branches to generate large amounts of heat. The temperatures inside the stove, gets so hot that all the combustable gasses within the wood are burned off completely, leaving only steam as an exhaust byproduct. When combined with a thermal mass of clay or brick, the heat is captured and stored for hours inside the home, radiating heat slowly back in to the home. This means you can build a fire long enough to heat up your mass, then you can let the stove burn out and the mass will heat your home, shed, or greenhouse.

It’s a new way to use wood for heat.

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Jeff Rense Interview of Clif High

Listen to Jeff Rense talk with Clif High about the Zaug Stove and Rocket Mass Heater Technology, specifically naming the Zaug Stove as “Pleasing and Standardized”.

The interview lasts approximately 38 minutes long, and towards the beginning, the conversation happened upon rocket mass heaters and how great they operate. You can listen to the interview by clicking the link below.

Jeff Rense interview with Clif High

We are very pleased to be a part of reaching the world with such a great movement in technology.

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Zaug Ships Internationally

Shipping to Quebec
A Zaug Stove being dropped off at the Tacoma terminal for delivery to Quebec, Canada.

Zaug Stoves announces a milestone in achievement this week, with an international shipment en route to Quebec Canada, over 3200 miles away. We are very pleased to have our craftsmanship extend so far out in the world, and we look forward to delivering many stoves even farther away.

As a result of this international shipment, we have learned volumes about customs, freight carriers, drop-shipments, and crate building.

Our shipping process has been streamlined so that our future customers will enjoy a speedy shipping time with the lowest rates in the industry. Thank you, Quebec, for being our magic number one for international sales!