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New things at Zaug Stoves

August and Zack
August and Zack
Creators of the Zaug Stove 2015

Dear Zaug Stove Enthusiast,

It is our pleasure to invite you to be a part of new things happening at Zaug Stoves.

Since we have not been manufacturing any stoves, we have been working hard on revising our stove to make it even more efficient and user friendly. We have been working side by side with manufacturers, architects and engineers to bring you a Zaug Stove this season!

To do this we are creating a Kickstarter campaign for the Zaug Stove and we will need your help. The time is now to get fired up about your sustainability. With enough support from loyal subscribers like you, we can finally begin selling stoves to you and other individuals that want new sustainable technology.

We will keep you informed about our Kickstarter and incentive packages as they are developed.

All of us here at Zaug Stoves want to thank each and every one of you for your support and patience during this period of growth. Please feel free to write us or send your feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

The Zaug Stoves Team
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt
Near future announcements:

1. Kickstarter campaign and video
2. New Zaug model
3. EPA and safety certification

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Hurry! Special Introductory Price Expires 4/18

Altaire by Zaug Stoves
Zaug Altaire
New Zaug Altaire

Zaug Stoves is pleased to continue to offer the special introductory offer price of $2100 for three more weeks on the Zaug Altaire. The offer expires on April 18, 2014 at 1pm. At this time the price will go up to $2584. That’s a savings of nearly $500.

If you’ve been watching the Altaire, and waiting for the right time to buy; Now is the time! With a longer burn time than the Zaug Standard, and a modern industrial look, the Altaire looks as amazing as it functions. Put your order in today.

Note- Zaug Stoves custom makes every stove to order. Fabrication time is approximately 30-35 days.

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What’s so great about a Zaug Mass Heater?

Zaug Altaire

Next Generation of Wood Stove

Rocket mass heaters are the new solution to the next generation of wood stove heating. On the cutting edge of rocket mass heater technology comes the new Altaire by Zaug Stoves.

Unique Air Flow

Zaug Altaire
Zaug Altaire in Metallic Blue

Zaug Stoves Co. has developed a new type of wood burning stove that completely revolutionizes our ideas about heating with wood. This new technology changes the common belief that hot air only travels upwards. In the Zaug stove, hot air travels down. With so much force, in fact, the hot air exiting the Zaug can travel horizontally for 25′ before needing to go up and outside. This means that the hot air within the exhaust duct can be kept inside the house, to be used as a secondary heat source, radiating more heat inside your house.

Thermal Mass

This unique air flow can be utilized in other ways. Most people enclose the exhaust duct with a brick, rock or clay material to capture and absorb the heat from the duct. This brick or clay structure is called a thermal mass. A thermal mass is a large object mass that retains and gives off heat, which stabilizes the temperature in the room from extreme fluctuations. Once a thermal mass is heated from the Zaug stove, it can give off heat for up to 24 hours, keeping your room warm and comfortable long after the stove has gone out.


Zaug Altaire
New Zaug Altaire

Combine this use of waste heat, with the unique air flow direction, and you start to see why a Zaug mass heater is becoming a popular choice for wood stove heating.

Zaug Stoves
Main office:
1 (360) 894-3600
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How to change the glass in your Zaug Stove

Video Tutorial on changing the glass

Video Tutorial

Your new Zaug Altaire comes with a Neoceram fire resistant glass window on top of the feed tube. It’s a special type of heat resistant glass able to resist temperatures of up to 1200 degrees (F).

Changing this glass in your Zaug can be a little difficult if you don’t know the trick to it. Here’s a quick video tutorial that demonstrates the easiest way to install the fire resistant glass should it become damaged or broken.

Remember, this glass is not regular glass. It’s a special type of fire rated glass called Neoceram glass. Using any other type of glass voids out the warranty of your Zaug.

To purchase, contact Zaug Stoves or visit our shopping cart.


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Priming the Steel for Weather Protection

primer3 primer4 primer2 primer

We have been asked questions about how well our stoves stand up to moisture, if they were to be kept outside in a greenhouse situation.

To answer this question, here is some information and pictures showing our method for combating moisture and rust problems.

DSC_6267 DSC_6268

Before the primer goes on, our steel is given a lacquer bath to remove dirt and contaminants. Once dried, the stove is then coated with a 2-part silicone/zinc primer, made especially to be corrosion resistant.


Our primer provides outstanding protection for metal surfaces operating at temps from 500°F (260°C) to 1000°F (538°C) but also offers superior protection from thermal shock throughout the temperature range.


The final prime coat is 2.0 mils thick and tough as nails. After drying for 24 hours, the stoves are sent  to the paint shop, to receive 2 coats of paint and one coat of clear coat for a complete and durable system of approximately 7 mils thick.