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  1. Can I use a Zaug stove in my basement. I know it is not UL approved so can I still use it. Are there any companies who sell the Zaug in Canada, where can I go see one in action.

    1. Hi Chuck,
      If you can heat your mass up in a couple hours, then I would say it should work fine in the basement. However, if your mass is not efficient, you will have to walk up and down your basement stairs to light the stove often. You may want to think about that aspect before installing a mass heater in the basement.

  2. Will the stove work in the basement with negative pressure, is there enough air in the basement to feed it. If you use the basement for TV and req room you are in the basement so you just keep feeding the wood to it. Is the stove UL approved.

  3. Do you have retailers in Canada

  4. Keep me posted on when the stove goes into production

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