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How To Light A Zaug

Here is a quick video on how easy it is to light a Zaug Stove. To view directly on YouTube click here: Zaug Stoves Demonstration

Or you can view it here:

3 thoughts on “How To Light A Zaug

  1. The exhaust pipe looks like it is just furnace type ducting? Does that not get too hot and become a potential fire hazard? It looks like the ducting is just sitting on top of wood on those plastic crates, how does the exhaust heat the mass it would be embedded in?

  2. The exhaust is actually sitting on a couple pieces of wood flooring on top of the milk crates, otherwise they would melt. The exhaust duct gets about 250-300 degrees. We use regular galvanized sheet metal ducting because it doesn’t get any hotter than 300 degrees. Ideally you would encase this duct in a mass of clay or rock, to absorb the heat out of the duct. When you run an exhaust in the manner shown here, the heat from the exhaust duct will be absorbed and end of the duct will only be warm (able to be touched).

    1. Cool, thanks for the response. Hope you can get the UL rating.

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