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Please Take Our Survey

Zaug Boys at Work

How Are We Doing?

We would like your feedback about our humble stove- The Zaug. Help us improve the product we manufacture, and the service we provide.

To send us your feedback, take our online survey now, by clicking on the button below:

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The survey is entirely anonymous and confidential, and should take less than three minutes to complete. Your responses will only be used for statistical purposes.

Your feedback will help us make sure we are making the best product we can, and will help us to continue to give our customers excellent service in the future.

We are thankful for your feedback and honesty.

(You do not need to give us any personal information, this is for our records only)


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Zaug Stoves Video- How they work

We added a new video to the homepage.

This video is an educational animation showing the inner workings of a Zaug Stove. These stoves are unique because they use sticks and branches to generate large amounts of heat. The temperatures inside the stove, gets so hot that all the combustable gasses within the wood are burned off completely, leaving only steam as an exhaust byproduct. When combined with a thermal mass of clay or brick, the heat is captured and stored for hours inside the home, radiating heat slowly back in to the home. This means you can build a fire long enough to heat up your mass, then you can let the stove burn out and the mass will heat your home, shed, or greenhouse.

It’s a new way to use wood for heat.

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Conventional Wood Stove Compared to a Zaug Stove

Conventional Exhaust
Smoke leaving the chimney of a conventional wood stove
Zaug Exhaust
Exhaust leaving a vent from a Zaug Stove in full operation

Comparing the exhaust of a conventional wood stove in full operation (left) to a Zaug Stove in full operation (right), the evidence is clear. The Zaug Stove burns much cleaner. The design of a Zaug allows for oxygen to mix with fire for a complete burn of gasses resulting in very little wasted fuel exhaust.

For a live demo, or to answer any of your questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone. Our information is in the “Contact Us” section of this website.