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Hurry! Special Introductory Price Expires 4/18

Altaire by Zaug Stoves
Zaug Altaire
New Zaug Altaire

Zaug Stoves is pleased to continue to offer the special introductory offer price of $2100 for three more weeks on the Zaug Altaire. The offer expires on April 18, 2014 at 1pm. At this time the price will go up to $2584. That’s a savings of nearly $500.

If you’ve been watching the Altaire, and waiting for the right time to buy; Now is the time! With a longer burn time than the Zaug Standard, and a modern industrial look, the Altaire looks as amazing as it functions. Put your order in today.

Note- Zaug Stoves custom makes every stove to order. Fabrication time is approximately 30-35 days.

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Zaug Ships Internationally

Shipping to Quebec
A Zaug Stove being dropped off at the Tacoma terminal for delivery to Quebec, Canada.

Zaug Stoves announces a milestone in achievement this week, with an international shipment en route to Quebec Canada, over 3200 miles away. We are very pleased to have our craftsmanship extend so far out in the world, and we look forward to delivering many stoves even farther away.

As a result of this international shipment, we have learned volumes about customs, freight carriers, drop-shipments, and crate building.

Our shipping process has been streamlined so that our future customers will enjoy a speedy shipping time with the lowest rates in the industry. Thank you, Quebec, for being our magic number one for international sales!