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4 thoughts on “Zaug Stoves Survey

  1. Just filled out your survey. Wish you had asked a question regarding desired Zaugstove features. I love your stove, but need it for greenhouse, radiant, and swimming pool heating. There is a big market here. I viewed the story about the Zaug Stove and the greenhouse. I would love to see more. I’m glad to participate in tests and trials.

    1. Thanks Dave! We appreciate your input.
      We’re doing more work in the area of greenhouses and large water tank heating. I’ll be sure to email you our progress.

  2. I am considering two stoves but I am not sure about the thermal mass. There are too many thermal mass choices on the web, I would like to know the best choice and ease of construction.

    1. As for the best choice, in my opinion, I would use water. But, water is by far the hardest to use because of the care you must take for the water tank and lines to be free from corrosion. As for the easiest mass to build, it would have to be cob. But, cob is not the most efficient substance for a thermal mass.
      Granite would be a little better, but a little harder to install. There’s a give and take with what you’re asking. It’s going to come down to personal choice.
      Check out this thread from the folks over at Permies about water versus cob-
      I recommend looking through their forum and seeing what others have to say about thermal masses.

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