Zaug Stoves Seeks Donations

When Zaug Stoves first began back in 2009, I was living in a cold trailer, in the woods of Washington. I didn’t have a wood stove or even a working propane stove. I had an electric heater that would flip the breaker when the weather got really cold. It was ironic that when I looked out the front door, there was all the fuel I could ever want, in the form of sticks and branches. I just needed to figure out a way to burn them inside my trailer.


I had a simple dream of heating my little trailer by burning sticks and branches, and the Zaug Stove was born. Eight years later, the Zaug Stove is the on the brink of certification, with only one minor hurdle; Financing. I am here to describe our plan forward and ask for your help in getting us there.


Getting the Zaug Stove to the manufacturing process will include getting the stove tested, certified, and patented. This process is going to cost approximately $200,000. To raise this incredible amount of money, we decided to create digital tokens and sell the tokens to raise capital. The tokens will be redeemable at Zaug Stoves to purchase products. When a person buys a Zaug Token, the money is not only helping us to achieve our goal, it is also holding value for future purchases. We feel like this is a fair and valid plan to raise the $200k needed.


There are two rounds of funding planned for raising our ultimate goal of $200k. They are called Phase 1 and Phase 2:

Phase 1 -Donation Round. Goal $10,000

In our first round of funding we are asking for donations of any amount. Our goal here, is to  reach $10,000. This will allow us to get a digital token programmed and implemented to be sold in Phase 2. If we are successful in Phase 1 of our funding rounds, then in Phase 2 you will be able to purchase Zaug Tokens redeemable for Zaug Products.

Phase 2 – Digital Token Sale. Goal $200,000

As soon as the tokens have been created, they will be offered to friends, family, and Zaug Subscribers first, at a discount, in a pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale.

The public token sale will begin shortly after that. Once the tokens are released for public purchase, we will then start a Kickstarter campaign to advertise and offer the digital tokens as an incentive to invest in Zaug Stoves. Zaug Tokens, as they will be called, will be redeemable with Zaug Stoves and partners, 24 months after the public release date.


There are over 3500 people on our subscriber list. If everyone just donated an amount equal to a Starbuck’s Latte, we will meet our goal and raise the capital needed to make it to the second round of funding. So, buy us a coffee today and help change the world!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Phase 1


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